Buying Property in Spain – Glossary

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Buying Property in Spain – Glossary

Buying Property in Spain

Although any expatriate intending to buy property in Spain would be advised to use the professional services of an estate agent and a translator and must legalise the transaction before a Public Notary, the following glossary of terms commonly used either to describe properties in Spain or during the transaction process is a useful aid for non-Spanish speakers.

Abogado – Lawyer

Actos Juridicos Documentados (AJD) – Stamp duty

Adosado – Semi-detached house

Agencia Inmobiliaria – Estate Agent

Agencia Tributaria – Tax office

A.P.I. (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) – Officially licensed estate agent

Aire acondicionado – Air conditioning

Aparcamiento – Parking

Apartamento – Apartment

Arras – Small payment given to the seller to guarantee that the property transaction will be completed within an agreed time limit.

Asesor Fiscal – Financial Advisor

Aval – Loan underwriter

Ayuntamiento – Town hall

Balcón – Balcony

Baño – Bath/WC

Caja de Ahorros – Savings bank

Calefacción central – Central heating

Campo – Countryside

Casita – Cottage

Chalet – Villa

Cocina – Kitchen

Comedor – Dining room

Compra – Buying

Compra-Venta – Promise to Purchase

Contract Comunidad de propietarios – Comunity of property owners

Constructor – Builder

Copia Simple – Copy of the Mortgage Deeds

Cuarto de Baño – Bathroom

Cuotas de comunidad – Community fees

Cuenta de Banco – Bank account

Documento privado – Private document

Documento público – Public document

Dormitorio – Bedroom

Ducha – Shower

Duplex – Apartment over two floors

Edificio – Building

Escritura – Deeds of ownership

Finca – Farm house or small estate

Garaje – Garage

Habitación – Room

Hacienda – Tax office

Hipoteca – Mortgage I.B.I Rates

Inmobiliaria/agente – Estate agent

Jardín – Garden

Ladrillo – Brick

Libre de cargas – Debt free

Licencia de obra – Building permission

Licencia de Ocupación – License to occupy a property

Metros cuadrados – Square metres

N.I.E. – Identity Number for Foreigners

Notario – Notary Records legal documents and transactions

Nota Simple – Certificate from Land Registry

Obra nueva – Document certifying a new building

Oferta vinculante – Bank document specifying mortgage conditions

Pago en efectivo – Cash payment

Parcela – Lot or plot

Piscina – Swimming pool

Piso – Apartment

Plan Parcial – Town hall plan for building plots

Playa – Beach

Plusvalía – Municipal Capital gains tax on sale of property

Poder – Power of Attorney

Préstamo – Loan

Pueblo – Town or village

Registro de la Propiedad – Land Registry

Representante fiscal – Foreigner’s official tax representative

Residencia – Residency permit

Residente – Resident

Sala, salon – Lounge

Se vende – For sale

Se alquila – For Rent

Solar – Lot for building

Solana – Utility Room

Sótano – Basement

Tarjeta de Banco – Bank card

Techo – Roof

Teja – Roof tile

Terraza – Terrace

Terreno – Land plot

Tipo de interés – Interest rate

Título de propiedad – Property ownership deeds

Trastero – Storeroom

Venta – Selling

Vista de mar – Sea view