Heng99 Online Casino Review

Touted as the go to retailer for its wares, Heng99 has a storied history dating back to the late 90s. With sales of over 102,000 units, the store is a shopper’s delight in more ways than one. As the name suggests, the store focuses on Chinese imports and is a one stop shop for all your wares. The store boasts a slew of Chinese imports including cosmetics, clothing, shoes and accessories. It is not hard to see why the place is a cult favorite among the Chinese community in and around Johor Bahru. heng99 is one of the few surviving examples of Chinese imports in Malaysia and Singapore. It has a sizable online presence and boasts a slew of celebrity shoppers and connoisseurs of all things Chinese. Aside from its large online presence, the store also boasts a slew of brick and mortar outlets in and around Johor. This is a particularly attractive proposition to an ever increasing customer base. As of writing, the shop is open for business with a website offering a plethora of Chinese imports on offer.