Life in Australia

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Life in Australia

Australians have always been identified for their ‘love of life’ and pleasure in great outdoors. Although they may have repute for being a little wild at times, there worship of fine dining, music and arts, goes well with their love of the beach, barbecues, and sports. More than ninety percent of Australians resides near the coast, which makes up for more times spent in the sun and water. Life in Australia is very much in harmony with sand, waves, and water.

Beaches in Australia are one of its most lush natural blessings, and so they belong to everyone. One can’t find private beaches and there are absolutely no fees for using them, from the world’s whitest sand beach at New South Wales’ Hyams Beach, to the long stretches of beach in Western Australia, to the stunning coastlines that even the nineteen-million inhabitants of Australia can’t pack out. It just seems so natural for life in Australia to revolve around these astounding innate beauties.

Australians also have an enthusiasm for sports, which began before European settlement, with the natives holding events such as swimming and boomerang throwing, and as far back as 1700’s when early settlers engage in recreation soccer and cricket. Since then, sport has been a basic part of life in Australia.

Wide open spaces and strong outback practices, Australian’s love for land is definitely natural, from extensive cattle stations to the extraordinary “red centre”, most Australians, even those who live on the coast, consider the immense land as part of the happiness of every day life in Australia.

Although it may seem that life in Australia circles around their care for fun and the beach, Australians puts much importance on family life. They highly value the family, modifying much of the way they live their daily life. The government, community, and church helps and supports services that share all aspects of family life, making every community a better place to live in.

One thing that can’t be taken out from daily life in Australia though, is the fervor for dining out. Because of its being a multi-cultural country, the culinary influences outcome is perfectly remarkable with the assortment of dishes cooked from the best ingredients, being described as eating a “fusion food”, faceting a unique collection of culinary diversity.

There is so much to Australia’s perfect blend of great culture, natural beauty, strong history, and land vastness that makes living in the country more like “living life as it should be”.