Life Is Short. What Will You Do With The Time That’s Left?

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Life Is Short. What Will You Do With The Time That’s Left?

It’s been said that our life is comparable to a drop in the bucket. Although this may seem like an exaggeration, it is pretty close to the truth. While you may live to the ripe old age of 100, you could just as easily die tomorrow. There are no guarantees in this life. Sometimes you don’t always have as much time as you would like. This is why you must live every day like it was your last.

To live a fulfilling life, we must make the most of every minute. What can be done about this? Most people still have to work and support their basic needs. I’m not saying go to work and quit your job tomorrow. Even though you probably wouldn’t go to work if you knew you had only one day to live, this is not a wise move. Your life actually will be cut short if you don’t have food on the table. However, you can live with the right attitude no matter what you do on a daily basis.

Even if you have the most mundane job on the planet, do that job like you will never do it again. Focus on each task with the concentration that it deserves. Not only will you do your work better, but you will be much more productive. When you are productive, it comes with what is known as a “psychic income”. This is that good gut feeling that you get with a job well done. Would you want people to remember you as a clock-puncher that just coasted through life? Of course not! Be remembered as the leader! If you live this way it will not be long before you have what you really want out of life. It will always work out if you live this way. Promotions will be won. Relationships will be wonderful. It is truly a beautiful way to live.

When you leave home in the morning, don’t ever say anything that would not be considered good final words. Would you want your spouse to remember that the last conversation you had was a fight about money? No way! Always tell the people you love how you feel about them.

In every situation, make the most of the minutes that you have left on this planet. No one knows the hour or the day that they will leave. However, they can control their attitude in any given situation. Make the best of your situation and live like you were dying.